Be the Boss Over Cancer

The 2nd session of our 2010 Educational Series for Healthcare Professionals on April 1st was led by Julie Jansen, Executive and Career Coach and Author (and also one of the CAC career coaches!), and Laura Mosiello LCSW-R, Director of Women's Cancer at CancerCare. Titled "Re-entering the Workforce After Short and Long Absences", it covered a wide variety of issues including what steps to take when seeking new employment, creating an effective resume, and interview tips.

One of the hardest questions that came up during the call was from a caller wanting to know how best to stay motivated during treatment and then jumpstarting back into work when treatment is over, all while being self-employed.

Julie Jansen: I think one of the things I would do is just very quickly put together a little informal advisory group of friends or colleagues who may do what you do and have a little brainstorming session.  You may even want to make it somewhat social and just get a small group of four to six people you trust together and say, "Here's my issue.  What would you suggest to get started?"  I would also start setting up at least two to four sort of networking meetings a week with people. 

Laura Mosiello: Another thing you might want to think about is going to any industry events, networking events, just to kind of get yourself out there, get excited about the industry, just get talking to people.

We had a great turnout of Healthcare Professionals calling in to learn more about this important topic and its impact for their patients. Our speakers did a great job and feedback so far has been really positive! If you missed the session be sure to check out the archive of it here:

Don't forget we have one more session of our Educational Series for Healthcare Professionals coming up, click here for more information and to register.


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