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A recent post from Joshua Waldman's Career Enlightenment blog, 3 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Visual Resume, explores the ways that Pinterest can be used to highlight your brand, both personal and professional. And while melding these two worlds can be tricky, doing so in an appropriate way can have big payoffs. Traditional resumes lack visuals. Using Pinterest as a resume allows for your skills, experience and passions to be seen, not just read.

If this sounds like something you may want to dabble in, here are a few great suggestions from the blog post:

Create a Pinboard that showcases your resume - Dedicate a single pinboard to showcase your resume. Pin photos of companies you've worked for, schools you've attended and organizations where you've volunteered. Definitely utilize the text boxes and describe the picture and share why it's important to you and your career.

Personally brand your Pinterest account as a portfolio - If you're using Pinterest in your personal life too, be sure that it's suitable for potential employers to see. If you prefer to keep your board all business, set up boards for each resume section, like Experience, Education, Skills and Volunteering. If you can link to examples of past work, such as written articles, commercials and photos, this is a great place to make them shine!

Balance the professional pins with personal ones - Include sections that might not make it on a more traditional written resume. Here's a great opportunity to show what makes you stand out from others. Think things like books you're reading and quotes that inspire you. Be sure to include the link to your Pinterest resume to places like your email signature, LinkedIn profile and wherever else you think would be appropriate.

Some examples of how others have used Pinterest as their visual resume can be found here. Be sure to check out our Looking for Work resources, our new How To Write an Amazing Resume video to help with format and always remember the importance of building and protecting your online brand.


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