Be the Boss Over Cancer

Everyone knows that all working women are time compressed. Working women with cancer take that to a whole new level with the added challenges and pressures of managing their treatment, personal responsibilities and work life simultaneously. We want to help.

We know that eating healthy on the go and fitting exercise into your hectic chemo/family/work schedule is hard. So we have a brand new resource for you -- On-the-Go Survival Guides! They are portable resources that offer practical, time-efficient advice – tailored for working women with cancer – on everything from what exercises you can do while you're going through radiation to make-up for a pale, sallow complexion. These guides are small enough to fit in your purse, but are chock full of information.

What exercises can you do at your desk? What foods relieve treatment side effects? And how in the world is 30 seconds enough time to put on make-up? Order these free guides and find out for yourself!

Feel free to post a comment to order, or visit our order page to pick and choose a sampling of all of our free publications.


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