Be the Boss Over Cancer

Every year approximately 780,000 cancer survivors return to work.  Everyday Cancer and Careers works to reach these brave and inspiring people and help them balance work and cancer so they can thrive in (and out of) the workplace.  Last month we premiered this video introducing nine of the extraordinary women and men who we have been lucky enough to know.

Did you work through treatment? Do you know someone who did? Tell us your story here.

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  • Julie A R.

    Julie A R. on Jan 9, 2012

    I wish I'd know about this site almost 4 yrs ago when I was battling Ovarian Cancer. I am a nurse, and do have insurance etc. But working in a busy ER was of concern to me and my doctors as I would have been exposed to so many bugs etc. But looking back, I think its something I should have done!! It would have given me, my colleagues, and even pts a spark of positivity that you CAN work through the illness.

    Also, part of what prevented me from being at work was the uncertainty of how I would feel after each treatment.Would I feel tired, sick, itchy, anything??? AND would I FEEL like looking after someone else?? Would I want to be running around, dealing with critically ill people and having to think on my ability to be a fully functioning and safe RN was more I didn't work. Another factor was how much could I work, if I was claiming disability, could I work a certain amount of hours with no hassles.....I didn't know. Come to find out, I most likely could have worked.......................glad to see this site....I will pass it on to others! xoxoxoxoxo from an 'almost' 4 yr survivor! xoxoxoox

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