Be the Boss Over Cancer

These exercises will not only help reduce wrist and shoulder strain from long days at your computer, they will also improve flexibility and reduce stress.

  1. SHOULDER SHRUG: Place arms down alongside the body and breathe in through the nose. Raise shoulders to your ears and hold for five seconds; as you breathe out through the lips, push shoulders down and engage your back muscles; hold for five seconds.  Repeat two times.
  2. SHOULDER AND UPPER BACK TONE AND TIGHTEN: Breathe in and as your breathe out, raise arms out to the sides, palms facing down.  Force the arms back and up to create tension; hold for ten seconds, then release arms and move them back to the sides.  Repeat four times.
  3. THE SWIM: Place both arms out in front, palms facing each other.  Breathe in as you sweep your arms to the sides of the body parallel to the floor and push back.  Breathe out as you bring your arms forward.  Repeat five times.

These exercises were excerpted from our 3-part On The Go Guide Series.  These brochures feature tips on Nutrition, Fitness and Make-Up.  To download or order for free, visit this page:


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