Be the Boss Over Cancer

In a recently published Wall Street Journal article, author Ruth Mantell spoke with experts around the country who pinpointed the 4 must-have job skills an employee should possess, whether they're looking for a job or even seeking a promotion within their company. These skills include clear communications, personal branding, flexibility and productivity improvement.

Clear Communication - Sure, communication skills come in all different styles and levels. But the one non-negotiable when it comes to an employee or job seeker is their ability to clearly articulate an idea or point of view and effectively create a connection for their audience. According to a recruiter, clear communication helps an employer gain a sense of an employee's work style.

Personal Branding - At this point, it's a challenge not to face the realities of one's online brand. HR, management and even co-workers routinely peruse LinkedIn, Twitter, the blogosphere and Facebook. You will be Googled. But that doesn't imply that you can't control the messaging. Ensure that your personal brand is attractive, positive and conveys exactly how you'd like to be represented.

Flexibility - The ability to respond to an employer's ever-changing needs and being open to learning is invaluable. A new study even cites that flexibility and adaptability are the top 2 skills women believe are needed to succeed in the workplace. Employers want to feel secure knowing their employees can gracefully tackle changes headed their way.

Productivity Improvement - According to a recent survey conducted by the Corporate Executives Board, "executives are looking for a 20% improvement in employee performance next year from current levels." Being proactive, creative and having the ability to anticipate the growing needs of an organization without being instructed is a key element of differentiating oneself from someone else, especially during a job search or promotion discussions.

Learn more about the ways to build and protect your online brand, navigate LinkedIn and hone in on identifying the job skills you already possess.


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