Be the Boss Over Cancer

Workplace stress is inevitable.  The little things happen to us all - like earlier this morning when my connection to the server severed, leaving me with a document I couldn't save.  And Mirabai Bush understands this all too well in her recent Huffington Post article. Luckily for us, she also is quite familiar with several coping mechanisms to keep yourself calm and focused.  

As Mirabai explains, when you’re stressed, your cortisol levels increase as your adrenaline kicks in. And there are certainly times when you want that adrenaline rush, but having an internet issue shouldn't have to be one of them. However, it's obviously not always easy to relax at your desk. Mirabai suggests stopping what you're doing, taking three breaths and following one of her 12 relaxing motivational pieces - like "Return to Your Breath" or saying out loud "I am Calm and Relaxed." To read all of her tips, please check out the article here

Handling workplace stress is something Cancer and Careers often addresses. Especially with regards to multitasking and managing deadlines. Check out our new how-to video for some targeted advice on working through and after treatment, including suggestions like writing everything down in one notebook, taking walks to re-energize, and doing one thing at a time.


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