Be the Boss Over Cancer

Last week an article appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times that showed how quickly things can change at work after a cancer diagnosis, sometimes for the better, in this case for the worse.  Margaret Walsh had been in her position at a community college for four months when she got an ovarian and abdominal cancer diagnosis in February of 2009.  The school then gave her 3 months of unpaid leave, after which she returned to work part-time.

Less than a month later she was told she would have to return to work full-time. However, she then became seriously ill and had to take another unpaid leave.  It was at that point that she received a termination letter from the college.

When something like this happens, our first suggestion is always to suggest the person contact a lawyer (we refer to  the Cancer Legal Resource Center), however sometimes there isn't really a legal issue on the table.  See below for some tips on what to do after you've lost your job.

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