Be the Boss Over Cancer

We often hear that survivors are interested in a career change after they have gone through treatment.  Quite a few of these career changers are interested in moving into non-profit work in support of cancer research, survivorship etc. Are you currently looking for work?  Because Blue Avocado just recently rated nonprofit job sites!

There are many ways to go about finding a new position outside of job boards of course.  In terms of non-profits, we often recommend that in addition to the standard networking (either in-person or online through a service like LinkedIn), that you get out there and volunteer for the organization.  Not only will this give you an idea of the working environment there, it also makes you a familiar face and potentially a stronger contender for any open positions.

However, if you are going the traditional job board route, Blue Avocado rates these four the best:

If you check out the report on their site you will find even more sites - and of course as you conduct your job search our career coaches are here to answer any questions that you have, and you should take advantage of our job search tools!


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