Be the Boss Over Cancer

A few days ago 50% of the Cancer and Careers team headed to Austin for one of our favorite events of the year, the LiveSTRONG Young Adult Alliance Annual Meeting.  It is truly a rare opportunity for advocacy organizations, medical insitutions and government agencies to all come together as peers to discuss the disparities the young adults with cancer community faces in a holistic way.  Plus it is always great to spend a couple days with longtime partners (and friends) like Imerman Angels, Cancer Legal Resource Center, i[2]y Cancer Foundation, First Descents and Young Survival Coalition and to make new connections, like Bright Pink, that will undoubtedly sprout incredible new collaborations over the next year. 

The YA issue and the Alliance received national press from the Wall Street Journal after the meeting, to read more (and see CAC shouted out in the WSJ) click here:


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