Be the Boss Over Cancer

Anyone who is familiar with Cancer and Careers knows how highly we value LinkedIn as a professional space to network, post resumes, and develop your work identity (see LinkedIn benefits here). However, posting your resume on the website has just become even more beneficial, as LinkedIn’s recruiting revenues are growing to almost the same size as those of the ever prominent 

Forbes recently wrote an article illustrating LinkedIn's rise as the "fastest growing public provider of corporate recruiting solutions." Essentially this means that they are working in overdrive to connect companies to relevant resumes posted on their website. And the best thing is that job candidates can be passive. Although networking is extremely useful as a way to connect to opportunities, in this instance LinkedIn is doing the connecting for you. To read more about this service that companies are taking advantage of to find you, read the rest of the article here

For more info on what recruiters are looking for and a look inside the process of finding candidates based on resumes, check out this beneficial article by Kathy, recruiter and CAC guest blogger.


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