Be the Boss Over Cancer

Young Adults with cancer face unique challenges throughout their cancer experience, especially in the realm of psychosocial needs. As others in their age group embrace social activities and the work world with full force, those diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 21-40 find themselves putting their lives on hold to focus on their cancer. This can sometimes cause a “disconnect” with peers. One patient I counseled described the lack of understanding by her friends as the “strappy sandal syndrome.” She was reduced to socks and pajamas while her friends went out in dresses and strappy sandals unable to relate to her cancer experience. In addition to the isolation one may feel among friends, the work world presents its own list of inherent challenges for Young Adults. Those just starting out in their career or picking up momentum are suddenly halted, trying to keep up and prove themselves.

If you are a Young Adult with cancer/survivor and want a safe place to connect with peers and discuss these issues, please join our Young Adult Support Group:

When: Starting Tuesday, September 21st.First and third Tuesdays of the month

Where: CEW, 286 Madison Ave., 19th floor (40th Street Entrance), NYC

Time: 6-7:30pm

For More Information/Sign Up Contact:
Laura Mosiello, LCSW-R
Cancer and Careers


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