Be the Boss Over Cancer

Two articles were recently published that profiled a patient going through treatment. Both of these subjects - Robin Quivers and Andrew Youssef - discussed the importance of work in their own lives, sharing their stories and touching on issues that many of us are familiar with: disclosure at work, talking to your boss, dealing with side effects, and flexible work options. 

In talking with Rolling Stone, Robin Quivers discusses her 32-year work relationship with boss Howard Stern and how meaningful the support she received at work was. Robin was able to telecommute her radio job - a job that gave her meaning during her treatment: "This whole time, the show gave me a reason to wake up in the morning," she says. "Gave me four hours of extreme separation from what was really going on in my life. The person on the air didn't have my illness. That was the four hours I got not to be sick." 

Andrew Youssef, a pharmacist and concert photographer, documented his treatment throughout a series for the OC Weekly entitled Last Shot. Similarly to Robin Quivers, Andrew continued to work through treatment. He not only held a 9-5 job, but also took on many freelance writing projects and managed to photograph over 350 concerts after receiving his diagnosis.  Andrew's series details the difficulties in talking to friends and coworkers about treatment, as well as dealing with the frustrating side effects of medications while working at a job you love. 

To read the full articles, please visit Rolling Stone and OC Weekly.  And if you're interested in sharing your own story of work and cancer, we invite you to post in our Collective Diary


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