Be the Boss Over Cancer

For some, crafting their resume can be a major roadblock in the job search process. This comes as no surprise, especially given the abundance of conflicting advice and ideas about what makes for the "best" resume. We came across this wonderful infographic from CareerBuilder that does a great job showing just how to build your resume so that it shines amidst those of other job-seekers. 

Here are a few key elements highlighted from the infographic:

  • Summarize your Brand - This is where the reader is going to get the most pertinent information about you and make a decision about whether to consider reading further down. A good summary is succinctly written with the audience in mind and customized for each job, easy to read and understand, focused on the kind of work you're looking for, future-focused and provides an essence of who you are.
  • Choose your Best Format - For many cancer survivors, a gap in their resume is a big concern. Not only are employers seeing more applicants with gaps on their resume due to the recent economic downturn, but alternate resume formats provide an opportunity to keep focused on skills and accomplishments. A chronological style is a great option if you're not transitioning or dealing with gaps, in which case a chronological/functional format might be the better way to go.
  • Quantify your Achievements - At a minimum, 80% of resume content should be achievements. Be specific instead of just listing tasks so that recruiters and hiring managers can see the kind of results you've produced. Using numbers will attract the reader's eye and is the most concrete way to strut your stuff on paper!

CareerBuilder has an expanded section for resume advice. More info on how to write your best resume can be found here. Also, don't forget to check out our new program, Resume Review, where one of our professional career coaches will provide you with advice on how to put your best professional self forward following cancer diagnosis and/or treatment.


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