Be the Boss Over Cancer

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, titled "'Soft Skills' Can Help You Get Ahead" explored how soft skills play an important role when it comes to being hired, promoted or fired. What exactly are soft skills? "Soft skills refer to personal aptitudes and attitudes, such as being a good listener and communicator, that affect how people perceive you in the workplace and strongly influence workplace relationships."

The great thing about soft skills is that you don't need to go back to school to cultivate them, they can be learned or improved with some time and feedback. The article lists a few day-to-day skills that can be very important to career advancement:

  • Create an action guide. This action guide should include two lists - one of things that you do well and one of things that others would like to see you improve. 
  • Control your emotions. Learning to better control your emotions will help you to improve your relationships at work.
  • Know your limits. This will help you to feel less stressed and keep you from taking on more than you can handle which often leads to mistakes.

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