Be the Boss Over Cancer

Trying to work as you battle your way through "chemo brain?" In a new book, Your Brain After Chemo (Da Capo Press, 2009) Journalist Idelle Davidson (a former breast cancer patient who fought chemo brain herself) and UCLA physician researcher Dan Silverman, MD, PhD, present a readable, intriguing blend of scientific updates on what's behind "chemo brain" coupled with a generous dose of practical coping tips. Among the best tips:

  • Forget multitasking. Focus on one work task at a time, then go on to the next.
  • Rehearse. Practice that sales presentation or speech with the boss multiple times before it's due.
  • Ban clutter. If you're a sticky note addict, now's the time to drop the habit. Keep every work-related "to do" task in one place--such as a notebook you take everywhere.
  • Help yourself. Label your office phone and cell phone with the numbers. It's one less thing to remember when talking to clients or others you must do business with and get responses from.

Bonus: The book also includes a rich appendix of resources, including memory training opportunities, healing retreats, support groups, clinical trial information and additional self-help books.

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