Be the Boss Over Cancer

Working through cancer is hard enough. To top it off, you have to keep everything in order, from doctor’s appointments to medications to insurance. It can be exhausting!

That’s why we have our Charts and Checklists page, offering a wide array of free downloadable documents to help get you organized. Having trouble keeping track of medications? Check out the Prescription Drug log. Going in for treatment soon but don’t know what to expect? Look at the Questions to Ask section, which has ideas for questions to ask your doctor about chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and so much more. Have a treatment coming up but aren’t sure how to prepare for it? Check out Things to Bring to Treatment, and Preparing Your Home for After Treatments.

Have you used any of our charts and checklists (most of which are also in our Living and Working with Cancer handbook)? How have they been useful? And if you haven’t used them, tell us how you keep everything organized!


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