Be the Boss Over Cancer

Recently I recevied a phone call from someone who felt like they were being ousted at work.  They had only been there for a few months and was still learning the ropes, but ever since they had found out she was a cancer survivor they had been singing a different tune. 

The above is one of a multitude of reasons a survivor might need legal assistance.  Insurance is also a huge issue for most people, as loss or reduction in employment can result in loss of insurance, and with the cost of medical care these days - that is a big no-no. 

The Cancer Legal Resource Center is our go-to resource for referring patients and survivors who need legal and insurance information.  They have a hotline (1-866-THE-CLRC), a comprehensive website ( and do so many events, both local and national, it can make your head spin.  We highly recommend contacting them if you have any issues.  However,  other great options exist as well, including:

  • LawHelp They help people with low and moderate incomes find low-cost and free legal aid in their communities.
  • The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free consulting service of the Office of Disability and Employment Policy that provides information about job accommodations, the ADA and the employability of people with disabilities. 1-800-526-7234
  • Patient Advocate Foundation provides information on the safeguarding of patients' rights in order to assure access to health care, maintenance of employment and financial stability. 1-800-532-5274
  • Think you're being discriminate against in the workplace? Contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to see if any regulations, laws, etc. are being broken. 202-663-4900
  • Have the means to hire a lawyer or pay for a consultation?  Contact the National Employment Lawyer Association for a lawyer in your area.

For more legal and insurance resources, as well as links to support services, young adult resources, and organizations offering personal care and well being information, check out our resource database here:


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