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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably discovered how Cancer and Careers covers serious and important topics - we’re here to help you with expert advice, interactive tools, & educational events. But where can you go to find everyday-life discussions or even to brag about your Xbox high score? While looking through young adult resources online I found vibrant and current discussions and quite a few young adults who, if their posts are to be believed, are much better Call of Duty players than me.

In particular, I found three excellent blogs/forums/support groups.

Stupid Cancer Forums
Planet Cancer Forums:
CancerCare Online Support Groups:

You probably understand how the profile and grouping works from Facebook and other social media platforms. The above resources provide the same usual mix but they are something more. They are communities - unabashed and proud. 

Every person signs up for free and sets up a profile that follows their posts and highlights their interests and groups. Though you’re not required to write anything, there are so many different threads that you’re likely to find something comment-worthy – a video games thread on Stupid Cancer caught my attention. Many users post daily on topics as varied as the participants (some examples include: running away, Mantle Cell Lymphoma, alternative treatments, and getting physically active after treatment). And it’s so easy to start connecting! Stupid Cancer and Planet Cancer enable you to quickly immerse yourself in the conversation with their “What’s New?” tab.

Each website offers even more ways to associate. Anyone who follows the Stupid Cancer Forum is encouraged to talk through the Stupid Cancer Show chats. Planet Cancer keeps a latest activity feed on the right sidebar that features everything from personal worries to exciting news, like how user ‘Shooting Star’ just started dating again after 15 months. CancerCare hosts a variety of customized groups for patients, caregivers and people who are bereaved. Groups include diagnosis groups such as the Breast Cancer Patient- Metastatic and personality-type groups like the LGBT patient group.

These online networks aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a place to connect, share, or quietly commiserate, we definitely recommend these resources.

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