Be the Boss Over Cancer

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, is taking his third leave of absence in the past seven years to undergo treatment for what the press assumes is a recurrence of pancreatic cancer (there are no formal statements yet).  Already Apple executives and the general public are calling for his return to work.  As we are more than aware, taking time off from work for treatment is often a necessity.  However, being the face of a massive company such as Apple can provide more job security than many of us are able to receive.

Rosalind Joffe, one of our career coaches, discusses with Glass Door the unnerving difficulty of finding work for all of the cancer survivors who aren’t Steve Jobs. Her tested guidance incorporates positive and unbiased thinking, planned action, and speaking about the illness without the emotions – making it clear that you are making the right decision for yourself and for your office team. Read more of the article here.

If you have questions for Rosalind or any of our other career coaches, visit Cancer and Career's career coaching page.


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