Be the Boss Over Cancer

Many cancer patients who are currently working are forced to reach out for accommodations, and sometimes a new role, within their company in order to manage treatment side-effects and their workload. Cancer patients who are post-treatment and ready to return to work may also be in search of a new position due to new interested and priorities after battling cancer, however they don't have to leave their employer to find a more meaningful job. This article from Career Builder offers a few ways on how to find a new job without leaving your current employer, highlights are listed below. 

Changing Roles

Changing roles can either mean advancing in your current department or changing to a new one. To increase your likelihood of earning a role change be sure to have a clear and concise message about the positive impact you've made on your company and be open to taking a step back in compensation or responsibilities in order to transition to a new area.

Creating a Position

Present a thought-out plan of how your skills could be used in a different way to benefit the company.  


Cancer patients may sometimes need to relocate to be closer to treatment or  telecommute to help manage treatment and work. Even if your company does not have an office or branch in your new town, talk with your boss or human resources department about how relocation or telecommuting can be profitable for your company. 

Here are a few articles from Cancer and Careers for more information on some of these related topics: Your Legal Rights in the Workplace, Looking for Work, Back to Work after Cancer, and you can also ask your own questions to one of our Career Coaches!

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  • Nicolet B.

    Nicolet B. on May 31, 2014

    Thanks for the information. It is really a good help for every individual to find a new job after the treatment. It's like having the feeling of self-worthiness and the ability to work on his own.

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