Be the Boss Over Cancer

A friend of CEW, and fellow makeup artist, passed on this tip about a great book on makeup for cancer survivors:

"I recently came across a remarkable individual named Lori Ovitz. Lori is a former celebrity make-up artist who has learned firsthand the enormous boost in self-esteem that looking good delivers. For the past 10 years, Lori has dedicated her life to teaching cancer patients, at no charge, how to apply their makeup. Lori watched as her makeovers restored a sense of confidence and even dignity to cancer patients fighting for their lives. Aware that she could only work with a limited number of patients, Lori self published (Belle Press) a 200 page step-by-step book called "Facing the Mirror with Cancer" demonstrating ways to use makeup to lessen the affects of cancer treatments. Lori wrote this inspirational book because she knew that she could touch so many more individuals than just the ones she worked on."

Interested? You can buy the book and get more info here:

Another excellent book on the same topic is Ramy Gafni's Beauty Therapy: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Great While Living with Cancer.


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