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A recent blog post, 'Tis the Season to Find a Job on LinkedIn," argues that you'd be mistaken to halt your job search or networking efforts during the holiday season. Even if you believe there isn't much progression within interviewing and hiring processes because things slow down between Thanksgiving and New Year's, there are proactive steps you can take to ensure that there's forward movement. 

Some Myths about Job Hunting During the Holiday Season, Debunked:

People I know are too busy for me to reach out - The holidays are actually the perfect time to reach out to people you may have lost contact with. Think childhood friends, former colleagues and classmates. Maybe someone just got a new job, promotion or joined an Executive Board. Be sure to keep your communications personal, which will show that your wanting to reach out is genuine.

Don't mix business with pleasure - You'll likely be spending extra time with family & friends. Checking out their LinkedIn profiles before seeing them at a party or gathering could provide an opportunity to chat about recent accomplishments or changes. These gatherings are also a great way to meet new people. Don't forget to to follow-up and send a LinkedIn connection request or message to keep the conversation going into the new year.

My job application won't be noticed - Since many job seekers keep quiet during the holiday time, this offers a better chance for you to stand out to employers with your job application. If you do have an active application in the works, keep in mind that checking in with a recruiter or potential employer can't hurt as they'll likely be checking their inboxes too. Even if the process won't be moving forward until after the new year, it shows that you're engaged and raring to go.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our Guide to LinkedIn and Networking Tracker to help you with your job search during the holidays!


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