Be the Boss Over Cancer

A few months ago, our friend Joanna Morales from the Cancer Legal Resource Center was interviewed for The Huffington Post about workplace protections for those suffering from “chemo brain.” A chief complaint of many cancer survivors who return to work after treatment, “chemo brain” often affects short term memory and concentration, as well as abilities many take for granted such as multitasking and word retrieval.

During the interview Joanna addressed questions regarding the legal repercussions of “chemo brain” in the workplace, including how to qualify as having a disability, what kinds of accommodations are often used by cancer survivors, and suggestions of programs you can use to take time off of work due to your disability (including state disability programs, employer-sponsored disability insurance, and Social Security Disability Insurance). To continue reading about your legal rights when dealing with “chemo brain” in the workplace, click through to the HuffPo article here.

Working with "chemo brain" and want practical advice and everyday tips?  Then visit the Cancer and Careers article on chemo brain here.


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