Be the Boss Over Cancer

Whether you’re at the office, conducting a job search, or managing doctor’s appointments and medical bills, it’s hard to fight the effects of chemo brain. Our article, Working with Chemo Brain, suggests the following:

  • Write down a list of priorities.
  • Once you prioritize, tell yourself you will focus only on the first task that needs to be done. Don't think about anything else. Otherwise, your concentration will suffer. As distractions decrease, concentration increases.
  • While multitasking is viewed as very efficient--and you may have been good at it before the cancer diagnosis--stop for a while, at least until you regain a better memory and other cognitive skills.

We also always recommend carrying around a single notebook to collect all of your thoughts, things to do, notes from doctors, etc.

But sometimes "to-do" lists can make you feel overwhelmed—especially on days when you can’t cross off a number of items. However, adding a “done” list to your notebook, as suggested by the Science of Us, might help ease some stress. Looking back at a list of all the stuff you accomplished in one day is a nice reward—proof that you actually accomplished something! Share this list with your family, friends, or healthcare team and celebrate your accomplishments!

Learn more in our article, Getting Organized, and these blogs on chemo brain.


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