Be the Boss Over Cancer

Today we would like to spotlight our dear friends and community partner, Triage Cancer. You may already be familiar with them as they have graciously partnered with us for many of our events as our go-to cancer and employment legal experts. But we would like to share a little more about who they are, what they do, and what services they have to offer you!

Triage Cancer was founded a few years ago by Joanna Morales and Monica Bryant, both cancer rights attorneys with extensive experience in the cancer community, who discovered a need for a centralized resource for cancer survivors to access quality information about all survivorship issues. Now, as a national nonprofit organization, Triage Cancer provides educational resources on the entire continuum of cancer survivorship issues to survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Their name, Triage Cancer, perfectly sums up this mission as the very definition of triage means to assign priority to resources that are most needed in navigating cancer survivorship issues. To do this, they offer a national speakers bureau, educational events, and online tools, such as a resources page, where you can access a variety of good information on anything from a list of national and state healthcare reform resources, to list of articles on surivorship issues.

Be sure to check out their website, to learn more about their services and resources and to join us for the National Conference on Work & Cancer on June 13th in NYC to participate in some sessions led by Monica and Joanna, such as Health Insurance & Reform, Taking Time Off Work, and Work & Cancer: Practical & Legal Issues. 


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