Be the Boss Over Cancer

As one of our many fabulous community partners, today we are spotlighting Cook for Your LIFE and the important resources they offer to patients and survivors. 

Cook for Your LIFE was founded by kidney and breast cancer survivor Ann Ogden in 2007. While in chemo, Ann began noticing that not only was it more difficult to find the time and energy to cook for yourself, but many survivors struggled with their changing tastes during treatment.  She began assembling and swapping recipes and collaborating with oncology nutritionists and chefs to create appropriate menus, and soon enough CFYL was born, teaching healthy cooking for patients and survivors.  

Not only does their website offer treatment and side effect-based recipes (for instance, if you are struggling with digestion or looking for bland foods, you can search for specific recipes to help), but the site is also designed to be a support network as well as a recipe reference. As Ann explains, it's "a platform to reach so many more people than in a few [cooking] classes, but with the same communal effect." 

Last but not least, CFYL has been a wonderful supporter to CAC's 3rd annual National Conference on Work & Cancer! We will be offering resources from CFYL (and all of our other great community partners!) at our conference, so register now or check out to learn more about this important organization. 


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