Be the Boss Over Cancer

We first got to know Imerman Angels when we met its charming and energetic founder Jonny (Imerman) at a conference a couple years ago. Since then we've been amazed to discover that Jonny is literally everywhere we go and takes his role as the Chief Mission Officer to the limit. Including the fact that we have never seen him don a shirt that didn't have his logo on it… ever!

Jonny, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his 20s, had lots of support from friends and family but didn't know anyone in a similar situation to his. So he founded Imerman Angels on this premise: "What if every cancer fighter could talk to a cancer survivor, who not only had beaten the same type of cancer, but who also was the same age and gender as the fighter?” The cancer survivor would be an angel walking, living proof that the fighter could win too.

Imerman Angels is for anyone dealing with cancer, from fighters and survivors, to caregivers and loved ones. Their philosophy of making connections as an act of empowering cancer patients is a simple but effective one. Just check out some of the testimonials on their website:

Interested in being matched up with someone? Then fill out this form, and they will contact you.


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