Be the Boss Over Cancer

We are always on the lookout for organizations who are doing great work and that you would likely be interested in learning about. is by no means new, but it is due time for us to spotlight the great programs that they offer for breast cancer survivors!

This incredibly comprehensive website covers everything about the breast cancer experience.  Detailed articles are provided to learn more about symptoms and diagnosis, the various treatments and side effects that may occur from it, day to day matters (such as managing fatigue, and sex and intimacy issues), and even a subsite on lowering you risk (think chemicals to avoid in nail polish, and medicines linked with an increased breast cancer risk)

However, it's their community section that really garners one of the most interactive sites on the web for people in this selective group. Their discussion boards are a very popular destination to interact with and learn from your peers, with their chat rooms providing the chance to get a response from someone even faster.  They also offer a comprhensive blog and free educational booklets.

To learn more about visit their website here or visit their listing in our resource database here.


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