Be the Boss Over Cancer

Here’s what people are saying about our FREE “Ask the Experts: Legal and Career Advice” workshops:

“Very valuable information.”

“It provided everything I needed and more.”

“I felt that Joanna Morales was wonderful. She answered all the questions fully and provided insight. Her legal expertise was evident and she also showed kindness and consideration for all who asked questions.”

“EXCELLENT forum!”

“Expertise of the leader (Julie Jansen) combined with shared experience of callers is very helpful. Questions asked reflected real world challenges.”

In fact, 100% of the Ask the Expert participants who completed our survey from our last two sessions in May would recommend these workshops to others.

Don’t miss our next Ask the Experts Teleconferences, register today and get the answers you've been looking for!

Career Coach: Julie Jansen, Executive and Career Coach and Author

Legal Expert: Joanna L. Morales, Esq., Director, Cancer Legal Resource Center

 Questions?  Email us at or call 646-929-8032.


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