Be the Boss Over Cancer

Summer is coming to an end, which means my time as an intern at Cancer and Careers is over. I'm looking forward to heading back to Pittsburgh for school, but I will miss it here! I feel like I've never had a summer so productive in my life. I also feel that I genuinely contributed something to the organization, including updating and building pages on the website, making sure our database was working the way it should, and setting up email blasts to make sure information got to people who needed it the most.

The value of doing internships is hotly debated, as many believe that there are more useful ways to spend a summer - such as a "traditional" job like camp counselor, but the argument is over for me. I got to participate in some really cool things, like seeing Allure's Fall Beauty Box (benefiting Cancer and Careers!) get launched and actually getting the chance to use my HTML and CSS writing skills. I've learned a ton about the dilemmas someone working with cancer faces. And most importantly, I was able to explore a career at a non-for-profit something that I had never considered before. Internships are a useful way to dip your toes in the water of a certain field, and bolster your resume to boot.

I'm grateful for my time at Cancer and Careers, and honored to have worked with such a dedicated group of individuals. It will never cease to amaze me how much work such a small group of people can get done.

-written by Josephine Sullivan


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