Be the Boss Over Cancer

Last Friday, we attended the National Cancer Legal Services Network's 2012 conference, where we learned about some amazing organizations working tirelessly in the field of cancer rights law. I wanted to spotlight one of these nonprofits, the ADA National Network.

The ADA National Network provides information, guidance, and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), in support of the ADA's mission to prevent discrimination in the workplace and "make it possible for everyone with a disability to live a life of freedom and equality." To this end, they offer a multitude of free resources, from web courses and fact sheets to a national symposium centered around this important Act. Besides offering a toll-free number for questions, there are also ten regional centers located throughout the U.S. that provide local assistance to ensure that the ADA is implemented wherever possible. Here they offer trainings, info, and resources on the local level for businesses, government, and individuals.

For more info about this great organization, check out their website here.  And for more info about the Americans with Disabilities Act, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here


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