Be the Boss Over Cancer

Achieving a harmony between your work and personal life is no easy task, but is an important part of establishing and maintaining emotional balance. This is true no matter where you are in your professional or cancer journey.  We offer many suggestions to help deal with these oftentimes conflicting forces in your life and were pleased to see a new article on LinkedIn's blog detailing several tips towards finding this work-life balance:

  1. Establish and maintain internal congruence - This essentially refers to aligning what you say and do with what you feel as a way to fill your individual needs and express your emotions. It's always healthy to express your feelings, however sometimes at work and home you may need to promote the image that you are in greater control than you may feel. In that case, check out our suggestions for venting here.
  2. Realign your goals and objectives - Examine your goals and state them so they are compatible with your personality and individual needs, as well as your circumstances and resources. Recognize too that your priorities may change after a diagnosis. 
  3. Practice mindfulness and meditate - All of us often juggle multiple demands and have to adapt and multitask. However, as the author points out, a multitasking brain has less energy and experiences more stress. We often suggest the breathing and visualization techniques described here.  
  4. Expand your social capital and relationships - healthy relationships are an obvious source of happiness and strength. Networks such as LinkedIn can help develop and maintain your professional relationships and help enhance your career success, while websites like CaringBridge can offer opportunities for survivors to connect in an online community.

For the entire article, please see LinkedIn's blog here, and for more suggestions on finding a work-life balance, including dealing with treatment side effects at the office and relieving stress, please check out our At Work section


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