Be the Boss Over Cancer

by Nancy Jean C. on September 8, 2009
I was Diagnosed with:
Thyroid Cancer
Date of Diagnosis:
March 3, 2005
Employment Status:
Full Time
Type and Description of Treatments:
Total removal of Thyroid, two radioactive iodine treatments
How do you feel today?

Today I feel great - I feel lucky. I have had my not so good days but have really made it thru with the help and support of my family.

Since the diagnosis, what has changed in your life?

Everything - I look at life differently these days

What is going well for you right now?

I feel well - my tests are all coming back favorable.

What is not going well for you right now?

Adjusting to new strength of my meds.

What has been the most challenging thing about having cancer?

Not to let it stop me from living and being positive

When difficulties overwhelm you, where do you go for support?

My family and friends

How have your long-term goals or life goals changed since diagnosis?

Yes - naturally. I try to live much more in the moment

What is your work arrangement right now? What are your hours?

I am back to a regular schedule. When I was going thru treatment I worked as much as I could from home.

Since the diagnosis, what has changed in your work life?

I have put it into perspective...

What has helped you continue to work the most?

It was a feeling of things being normal - I could not sit around and not keep busy. I needed work to keep me from thinking about "being sick" 24/7

What advice do you have for others trying to work through treatment?

Listen to yourself - if you are tired - don't work. Keep the lines of communication open with your company - I feel my company is more open to being flexible because I keep them informed.

How have you dealt with any side effects of treatment?

Luckily I did not have it too bad so it was not a issue for me.

If "today's you" could give advice to "day-of-diagnosis you," what would you say?

First I would say to try and be strong. Be informed - find out what you need to know and get second opinions. Surround yourself with strong positive people who will be with you for the highs and lows. And above all be positive, laugh and have faith.