Be the Boss Over Cancer

Hello, I am 31yrs old, i had Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma 4T back in 2004, after Radiation and Chemotherapy I was later diagnosed cancer free in December 2004 about 8 months after I started treatment. Happy to be alive, but the treatment also effect me in other ways. How can I apply for a job when I have certain restrictions and requirements? and how do I mention this to the employer? on the resume? cover letter? or in person during the interview?  my restrictions are for startings my voice, its been greatly effected from treatment so it can be very difficult to understand me especially over the phone, So i would need to find a job that I would not need to talk on the phone.  Also, i live with a feeding tube / peg tube which is inserted in my abdomen, not noticeable at all when i am dressed, but when its time for me to eat, which is every 3-4 hours, I need privacy for about 5-10 minutes. I need privacy because I need to live my shirt up, connect a long tube and feed myself a can of liquid meal supplement, its very embarrassing to do around strangers. I had to quit my last job because I got tired of eating while sitting on the toilet bowl, it was so dirty and nasty that I could of came down with so many diseases and virsus eating on the toilet bowl but thank god I did not.  So, this brings me back to how do i let my possible future employer know my issues without it effecting me getting the job? Its been driving me nuts not working for the past few years. I am very computer savvy, I sold products online for a few different companies via Amazon, eBay, Google, etc and there own companies websites, thats what I am good at. Its a job that doesnt really require you to speak on the phone, thats the type of job I am looking for. Please help with any helpful advice you might have for me. Thanks


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