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Sometimes people put the darndest things on their job applications.  It can be difficult to toe the line between putting personality in your job application, and coming across as unprofessional.  Check out 10 of what Baseline identified as the craziest things they have heard from job applicants in the list below, or click through to their article here.

  1. One candidate wrote that the more you paid him, the harder he worked.
  2. An applicant had been fired from multiple jobs, and included each one as a reference.
  3. A job-seeker listed her dog as a reference.
  4. A husband and wife applied for the same position as a job share, and submitted a poem as part of the application.
  5. A candidate’s email address had the phrase “shakinmybootie” in it.
  6. A resume contained only the first name of the candidate throughout.
  7. Among selling points listed on two different resumes: “versatile toes” and “ability to do the moonwalk.”
  8. An applicant insisted on getting paid to come to the interview because “his time was valuable.”
  9. A candidate mentioned that he was arrested for assaulting his previous boss.
  10. A job seeker asked, “Would you pass up an opportunity to hire someone like this? I think not.”

Not sure if what you have put on your job application is appropriate?  Contact one of our career coaches for help!

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  • Student R.

    Student R. on Dec 15, 2011

    I think creating resumes should be taken seriously. This will be the key in getting your dream job.

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